Nikkea B. Devida is known as an Accelerated Results expert who specializes in getting sustainable, scalable results that last. She works with transformational leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents ready to take their organizations, their teams, and their lives to the next level of world class success and impact. She is gifted at getting to the root cause of a problem and seeing the fastest path to a lasting, sustainable solution.

If it needs to be organized, systemized, and monetized, Nikkea is your “go to” resource for simple, effective tools and breakthrough systems to get clear, get “unstuck”, get going, and get results. She’s also the undisputed expert on accelerated results because she’s blended best practices in Business Systems and Belief Systems to create proven Breakthrough Systems for fast results that last. She has a rare combination of expertise in business, leadership, marketing , team building, project & process management, systems, operations, logistics, supply chain management, organizational development and change management combined with the latest discoveries in science, neuroscience, cellular biology, spirituality, and energy psychology. She’s the person to turn to when willpower, affirmations, & positive thinking aren’t enough and you want to learn how to become a manifesting machine.

Nikkea’s passion is to help you stop struggling and start soaring toward your goals so you can enjoy the benefits of landing and living in that success. Her clients often call her their “secret weapon” to become unstoppable because she quickly identifies the root cause of what’s blocking you and provides the precise, accurate solution for accelerated results amongst her vast arsenal of change tools.

The result? You learn the tools, skills and strategies to become the transformational leader in your personal and professional life to have a lifestyle you love and a profitable, sustainable business you love.

Nikkea is a US Air Force Academy graduate who served as an officer responsible for negotiating and managing nearly $200 million dollars of defense contracts…at the age of 22. Then she honed her business, project management, and operational skills with companies like Disney, Macmillan Publishing-Viacom, Bindley Western Drug Company, Peak Potentials, and many others. Nikkea’s passion is to support transformational leaders to harmonize and be fully expressed in all areas of your life so you can make the money and the difference you know you’re meant to make in an authentic expression of your purpose.

Nikkea pursues and aligns peak performance and results at every level: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. For the past 30 years, Nikkea studied or became a certified trainer of hypnosis, NLP, Psych-K, Feng Shui, Reiki, Hawaiian Shamanism, Sedona Method, Silva Mind Method, chakra balancing, sound & vibrational healing, and dozens of other change modalities. In her “spare time”, she is working toward a PhD in Natural Health.

Nikkea is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, and recording artist. In the ‘90s, she owned her own recording studio and wrote, recorded and produced her own music that was played in regular rotation in Billboard dance clubs nationwide. She’s also written original custom songs for cable TV shows. She now writes and performs original custom songs for her own events as well as other speakers and trainers to accelerate the vibration of inspired action for participants.

It is from this unique and rare blend of leadership, wisdom and experience that Nikkea has developed simple, time-tested, and effective tools to get you unstuck and into action so you can turbo-charge your results.

Some of her key clients include T. Harv Eker, Lisa Sasevich, Chris Howard, Allison Armstrong, Infusionsoft as well as many other emerging transformational thought leaders. Her clients often call her their “secret weapon to become unstoppable.” That’s because she is gifted at identifying the root cause of a problem and the right system to create the fastest path to lasting, sustainable results.

Nikkea speaks and travels internationally delivering high-impact, high value programs to get clear, get unstuck, and get Accelerated Results! She has shared the stage with industry leaders such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, John Assaraf, Ali Brown, Andrea J. Lee, Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy.

In addition to her speaking, private coaching and consulting programs, Nikkea is the creator of the transformational breakthrough systems called Accelerated Change Template (ACT)™ Belief Change System, 6 Figure Clarity Secrets™, Many Passions, One Profitable Business™, and co-author of the Ideal Client Alchemy Process™.