Dare To Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Drum: 7 Qualities of Change Agent Leadership

by on April 30, 2013

I think people are yearning to see more examples of others who are playing full out in their lives. When I see someone full of passion, fully engaged, doing what they love, and making a positive difference in the lives of others, I take notice.

What makes change agents and visionary leaders so special is that they dedicate their lives to making a positive difference.  They take a stand for what they believe in, and they courageously pursue their cause, regardless of the challenges, obstacles, and personal sacrifice.  They dare to dance to the beat of their own drum.  And when they do that, they inspire others to dance with them.

What do you stand for?  What do you stand against?  What are you willing to dedicate your life to (at least for now)?  Answering those questions naturally requires some level of introspection and self-awareness.  And whether you call those answers your life purpose, your mission, your dharma, or simply what makes your heart sing, getting your message seen, heard, and noticed requires dedication, perseverance, and fortitude.

7 Qualities of Change Agent Leadership are:

1) Impeccable integrity:  to yourself, to your cause or mission, and to those you serve.  When you are fully aligned with your calling and make life and business choices from that place, you radiate congruence.

2) Courageously authentic:  willingness to be vulnerable enough to share both the triumphs and the struggles, your strengths and your challenges

3) Rigorous dedication to do what you passionately love:  when you do what you love, you magnetically attract others to you.  Coming from this place of love and passion is inspiring vs. coming from a sense of obligation or “should”

4) Pioneering spirit of service through conscious entrepreneurship:  vision to chart a new course to make a positive difference and solve a problem that will help many others.  Dedicated life of purpose and service to make a positive difference through effective business programs, products and services.

5) Fiercely independent:  courage to live and define life on your own terms, whether it’s wildly accepted or even if it’s unpopular.

6) Disciplined spiritual and personal growth practices:  comes from the knowledge that you can only help solve problems and challenges for others to a level that you’ve solved and healed for yourself, including the confidence and belief in yourself that you can fully express all your gifts in a profitable 6 or 7 figure business that’s an expression of your purpose.

7) Effectively communicate and enroll people in your mission and movement: having or cultivating the skill to attract people to support your mission with an effective presentation of your message is the most important skill to develop.  This is necessary for both attracting your support team as well as your ideal “tribe”.

These are the qualities, characteristics, traits, and behaviors I personally strive for, and that I look for in mentors, role models, and influential figures who inspire me.  While there are many other qualities of a change agent leader, these qualities embodied and fully expressed are what get my attention, respect, admiration, and loyalty.

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