The 7 Essential Elements of an Effective Subconscious Belief Change System

by on August 29, 2013

It’s pretty much common knowledge now that if you want to change your results, you need to change your beliefs.

In fact, it’s become such common knowledge that it’s almost cliché.

And there are a lot of ways that people suggest to change beliefs.  And many well-intentioned people are doing those things, but often get frustrated and even cynical when they don’t get results.  I’ve seen many people try modality after modality and finally give up thinking that “belief change” simply doesn’t work.

This breaks my heart.  Because not all belief change systems are created equal.  Some are more effective than others.  The biggest difference is that most belief change systems focus on your conscious beliefs versus your subconscious beliefs, and don’t have a proven, direct, verifiable way to change subconscious beliefs.  Why this is important is because there are critical differences between conscious beliefs versus subconscious beliefs.  The most notable is the processing speed and capacity.  The conscious mind processes an average of 2000 bits of information/sec.  But the subconscious mind processes an average of 4 Billion bits of information/sec.  That means that 99.99995% of the power of your mind (and what you manifest as results) is driven by your subconscious mind and beliefs.

So, to say that the conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg is an understatement!

Therefore it’s critical to get your subconscious beliefs in alignment with what you say you want to  manifest.  When you don’t do this, it feels like you’re working against yourself, trying too hard, sabotaging yourself, not getting ahead, frustrated, overwhelmed, etc.

If you want to become an unstoppable manifesting machine, here are the

7 Essential Elements of an Effective Subconscious Belief Change System:

1. Right Overall Goal:  You’ve heard the saying “Be careful what you wish for…because you just might get it”.  It’s essential to do proper goal setting for the subconscious mind, not just the conscious mind.  Not only to make sure that you clarify your goal in the language that the subconscious mind understands, but also to make sure that when you get it, you’ll be delighted with the result!

2. Right Communication with Subconscious Mind:  It’s essential to have a clear, accurate, reliable, and verifiable way to communicate directly with the subconscious mind.  Otherwise, you’re just hoping, wishing, and guessing!

3. Right Beliefs  to support Overall Goal:  To fully reprogram your subconscious mind, you need to have a way to do two things:

  • Install positive, supportive beliefs
  • Uninstall negative, limiting beliefs

4. Right Order:  When you identify and change the highest priority subconscious beliefs first,  you actually need to do less belief change work and you get results faster!

5. Right Permission:  The 3 parts to this step are critically important and are missing from most change modalities.

  • Safe & appropriate – to make sure it’s in your highest and best good to do the change and that your body/mind system can handle the change
  • Right capacity & amount – How much change can be done at once
  • Right processing speed & change gradient – How fast can it be done

6. Right Change Tool or Change Modality:  Since there are so many modalities to choose from, it’s essential to know exactly, specifically, and precisely that you’re using the right one to change your subconscious beliefs – otherwise, you’re just guessing and hoping that the one you choose works

7. Right Verification of Completion: In addition to #6 above, it’s also important to have a verifiable way to know when you’re done with the change work and you can move on to something else!

  • For each Belief:  Different beliefs need different processing time, so it’s important to know if you did the change process correctly or long enough.
  • For each Overall Goal:  There are often many beliefs that need to be reprogrammed in order for you to manifest your desired result.  It’s important to have a systematic way to know if you got them all.

An effective subconscious belief change system must follow all of the above 7 steps.  Does your method of subconscious belief change have them all?  If so, congratulations!  If not, I invite you to learn more about the Accelerated Change Template (ACT)™ Belief Change System.  

If you’re interested in having a conversation with me to see if/how I can support you to overcome your limiting beliefs, please also feel free to apply for a complimentary Accelerated Results Momentum Session, at

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