True Opportunity, Bright Shiny Object Syndrome or Divine Discontent?

by on June 10, 2013

Have you ever questioned which path you should be taking?  Have you ever been confused with all the different options?  I certainly have.  On one hand, as an entrepreneur, you’re on the lookout for opportunities.  But on the other hand, those “opportunities” can become distractions that actually slow down and sabotage your success instead of move you forward.

So how can you tell the difference between a distraction and a real opportunity? The answer is to identify some practical information and your underlying feeling, motivation, and “knowing”.  And, what’s right for others may not be right for you.

I divide them into three (3) different areas:  True Opportunity, Bright Shiny Object Syndrome, and Divine Discontent.  See which category best fits your situation.

True Opportunity:  Based on where you are in your business, a true opportunity is something that makes sense to take advantage of as your next step to assist you in moving forward.  It’s the right strategic move that will get you from where you are to where you want to go.  It makes sense based on who and where you are in your business, what phase of business development and growth you’re in, what business model you follow, who your Soul Tribe (ideal client) is, how you’re positioned to your Soul Tribe, what problem you solve for your Soul Tribe, what value or services you provide to your Soul Tribe, etc.  Naturally, you need to know the answers to all of the above to make this determination.   Frankly, without knowing these answers, you’re at high risk for falling prey to the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome below.

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome:  This is when you go from business to business, opportunity to opportunity, idea to idea, strategy to strategy, tactic to tactic, course to course, and/or mentor to mentor, etc.  You try several things that sound good, but you don’t know why, how or if it fits into your overall strategic plan – because you don’t have one!  Therefore, you may not follow through to completion with any one of them.  Or, if you have several things going on at once, you’re probably not doing all the actions necessary to make any one of them successful.  You’re probably very busy and/or overwhelmed, but you’re not seeing tangible results in the form of revenue and new clients.

Your decisions may come from “fear” or “desperation” or “scarcity.”  You may be very easily influenced by well-meaning colleagues or mentors with things that seem like a “magic pill”, “too good to be true”, or a “quick fix.”  It’s critical to implement the right strategies at the right time.

Consider the following:

Wrong Strategy + Wrong Time = Wrong Results

Wrong Strategy + Right Time = Wrong Results

Right Strategy + Wrong Time = Wrong Results

Right Strategy + Right Time = Right Results

You need to step back and answer some fundamental questions for yourself and your business first before properly being able to implement certain strategies, tactics, and opportunities.

Divine Discontent: I coined the term “Divine Discontent” to handle the following three scenarios.  The cause of each is the same, but how you perceive it based on your level of awareness about it may be different.

1) It appears that you’re doing everything right.  You may even have a very financially successful business.  On the outside, it looks like everything is going well.  But on the inside, you know something is “missing” or “wrong”.  You’re not fulfilled.  And you may feel guilty or ashamed to actually say anything about it because you think that others won’t understand how you feel.  As a result, you may be suffering in silence (or only have a few people to talk to, if you’re lucky.)

2) You’re floundering and just can’t seem to get results.  You know you’re talented and have a lot to offer, but you may be confused and not know what or how to move forward or which direction to go.  It feels like you’re supposed to do something significant and meaningful, but you may not know what it is.  Or, if you do know what it is, you don’t know how to get there, you’re told by others that you can’t, or you can’t find the right mentor to guide you because you just doesn’t fit the standard “mold”.  You’re frustrated because you may have tried several things in the past (maybe Bright Shiny Objects), but you’re just not getting results.  For you, on the outside, your business results are not going well (despite all your effort and hard work).  And on the inside, you also know something is “missing” or “wrong”. You’re not fulfilled.

3) You know you’re meant to play a bigger game and make a bigger difference. You know you’re meant for something more than you’re manifesting now.  You’re very aware and keenly feel that the reason you’re not successful is that you’re not living your Soul Purpose.  You know that’s the cause of the Divine Discontent that you feel, and that you’ll only feel fulfilled and be successful when you identify and live your purpose.

Each of the above have the same cause.  When you’re meant to do something “bigger”, more meaningful, more purposeful, and more significant in your life, and you’re not living in alignment with your “Soul Purpose” (also known as mission or purpose), you may not see the results you desire because you’re meant to be doing something different than what you’re doing.  It may feel as though “other forces” are holding you back from the success you know you’re meant to have.  And whether you’re aware of this or not, it’s as if you’re not “allowed” to succeed or be fulfilled – while others around you are – even with far less talent, ambition, and hard work than you.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably meant to have your business be a full, authentic expression of your Soul Purpose.  If you feel as though you’re on track in this area, congratulations!  That’s a huge accomplishment.  When this is the case, you can often more clearly identify when a True Opportunity comes your way and you’re far less likely to have the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.

Sometimes just knowing that your Soul Purpose is the missing ingredient is enough to get things on track with your current resources, spiritual practices, pier level support and mentors.

But if you haven’t found a way to align your business with your Soul Purpose (or to identify your Soul Purpose), and you know it’s time for you to create a Soul Purpose Business that’s exactly right for you, then before you implement a bunch of different strategies and tactics, you probably need the right mentor to guide you through the process.  When you do that, your results, your fulfillment, and your financial success will soar!

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