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If it needs to be organized, systemized, and monetized, Nikkea is your “go to” resource for proven, effective systems to get clear, get “unstuck”, get going, and get results. She’s the undisputed expert on accelerated results because she’s blended best practices in business with the latest discoveries in science, spirituality, and psychology to create breakthrough systems so you can become an unstoppable manifesting machine.

She’s is gifted at identifying the root cause of a problem and the right system to create the fastest path to lasting, sustainable results.

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“Nikkea is a seasoned pro.
I highly recommend her for your event,
telesummit, or program.”

“Nikkea is a rare gem with a combination of unshakable confidence, dynamic presence and delivery, and excellent content. It’s a rare person who is as organized and prepared to deliver a presentation while being fully present, flexible, and able to adapt to anything at a moment’s notice with ease, grace, professionalism, and humor.

Nikkea is a team player who is committed to serving your participants at the highest level to get the transformation YOU intend. She has the unique gift of creating a safe, fun, and engaging environment for everyone to get the maximum value and learning. I had total confidence that she would provide my most highly valued clients exactly what they needed – and she delivered. Nikkea is a seasoned pro. I highly recommend her for your event, telesummit, or program.”

Lisa Sasevich
Queen of Sales Conversion

Pamela Moss

“Nikkea elevates ‘excellence’ to a level
of effortless elegance!”

“I first met Nikkea as a colleague in a mastermind program. As we got to know each other, I learned about her work and then experienced it first-hand, which was profoundly transformational and resulted in the biggest financial breakthrough of my career.

I then had her to speak to my list so they could be introduced to her work. As an event host, Nikkea was totally natural, fun, and easy for me to interview. She is such a valuable resource and dynamic speaker for my list that I’ve had her back several times and in several formats. She’s been outstanding in every one. She’s also been an integral part of the successful promotion and fulfillment of my “Grow Your Dreams Intensive” program. I’ve even had Nikkea interview me several times to speak to my own list, because she made the talk feel like a warm, intimate fireside chat between friends with a genuine, heart-felt invitation to learn more through my program.

No matter what she does, Nikkea brings exceptional integrity and expertise; she elevates ‘excellence’ to a level of effortless elegance. I really appreciate her depth and breadth, and the wisdom, knowledge, and experience she shares so generously.

With Nikkea, you don’t just get a speaker, you get a team member, friend, and advisor who “gets you” and truly brings out the best in you — Nikkea’s not called “The Accelerator” for nothing. If you’re serious about your participants getting great value and great results more quickly with YOUR work, book her for your event or program right away.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Pamela Moss, PhD
Vision-Powered Life and Business Mentor


“Nikkea is the ‘secret weapon’ for
my and my client’s success!”

“I credit Nikkea with changing the course of my life, and I don’t use those words lightly. Her work had such a powerful impact on my life that I knew I needed to introduce her to my clients and have her speak to my group on several occasions. I consider Nikkea’s work the “secret weapon” for my and my client’s success.

Nikkea is much more than just a powerful, engaging speaker with great content. She became a valuable partner and trusted advisor so that I could serve my clients at the highest possible level. As a result, my program was a huge success and my clients received the transformation they came for.

Nikkea is the walking embodiment of her work. If you’re looking for accelerated growth, change, and results in your life and your client’s lives, don’t miss the opportunity to have Nikkea speak to your group. She’s not just inspirational, she’s transformational.”

Annamaria Pohula
Master Certified Nutritionist and Conscious Food Expert

Solane Verraine

“My listeners had immediate breakthroughs
listening to Nikkea’s rich content!”

“Nikkea was a featured speaker on my Merging Money and Soul Telesummit. She was an absolute delight to work with through every stage of preparation and presentation of the the summit. She was supportive to me personally and professionally leading up the summit as well as very gracious and professional in all her dealings with the event. As a speaker she absolutely Rocks!! Her talk was very dynamic and relevant to the theme of my summit. I got a lot of feedback from listeners that they had breakthroughs from just listening to her rich content. I highly recommend Nikkea as a speaker to add value to any audience.”

Solané Verraine
Prosperous Goddess Coaching

Nilofer Safdar

“I highly recommend that Nikkea be one of the first guests you book for your event, telesummit or teleclass series!”

“Nikkea is a passionate, dynamic, and engaging speaker who has a unique skill of explaining complex concepts and ideas in simple, easy to understand terms. Our interview flowed seamlessly with the theme of my telesummit and felt completely relaxed, fun and conversational. She stayed right on time and gave so much valuable content to my participants. Her talks not only give you the inspiration, confidence and information you need to accomplish your goals, but also a formula to follow to help you stay on track.

As an event host and interviewer, Nikkea made my job easy. Nikkea is fun, supportive, and easy to work with. She is impeccably organized and gave me everything I needed even before it was due.

Nikkea’s not just a speaker. She’s a contributor. Nikkea was a true partner and took a genuine interest in my telesummit being successful. She offered valuable help and suggestions along the way to make this and future events I hold even better.

I highly recommend that Nikkea be one of the first guests you book for your event, telesummit or teleclass series.”

Nilofer Safdar
Illusion to Illumination Summit Host and Consciousness Coach

Kerri O'Shea

“Nikkea really connected with my clients and listeners.”

“Nikkea has provided extraordinary support to my clients. Nikkea is a clear presenter and gives great examples which really connected with my clients and listeners.

Nikkea is so organised and a pleasure to work with to be a guest speaker and provide value to my clients.

I thank Nikkea on behalf of all my listeners and clients for the support she had provided during and after the call.

Thank you Nikkea for being you, you are such a contribution.”

Kerri O’Shea
Creator of Finances on Purpose

Sue Urda

“Nikkea provided solid, practical and immediately implementable strategies.”

“Nikkea is an inspiring and powerful teacher. She shares her gifts and extensive knowledge so freely with her audience and provides solid, practical and immediately implementable strategies for them to take action on. For our Learning Center session, she customized her presentation to speak directly to the concerns of our group and we heard some wonderful, positive feedback from our attendees.

I would recommend Nikkea as a speaker/teacher for any group or, organization that values skilled, direct and focused training from an in-touch and compassionate individual. Her no-nonsense approach and the accelerated growth techniques she teaches really work! Nikkea is a star in my book, and we look forward to working with her in the future.”

Sue Urda
The Connections Expert, Author, Speaker and Inspirer

Sabine Messner

“Nikkea’s speech was mind boggling!”

“I recently attended a highly empowering and energizing talk by Nikkea Devida and was blown away by her thorough introduction to the world of the subconscious mind and how much it affects our lives. Blending the latest brain science in a deeply spiritual way with her “all-systems-go” approach, she showed us how to detect what beliefs we store, and how to change them permanently within minutes. Her proven, systematic approach to communicate with the subconscious mind, which she taught the audience right then and there, was very rewarding. This hasn’t always reliably worked for me in the past, so having this bullet-proof tool along with all the other valuable business insights was an excellent and timely take-away for me.”

Sabine Messner
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding

Robin Cordova

“Nikkea is fun, engaging and thought provoking!”

“Nikkea was a guest speaker for my Virtual Event “The Feminine Energy Revolution”. Not only did Nikkea clearly define what a multi-faceted entrepreneur is, but how you can actually unify all your gifts into one profitable business so you don’t have to choose! It was refreshing to hear that we can embrace them all, express them all, and monetize them all! She shared her own powerful life experiences that lead her to creating a proven process to help others unify their gifts into one business blueprint! She was fun, engaging and thought provoking and I highly recommend her as a speaker for your next event!”

Robin Cordova

Kerry Douglas

“Nikkea’s information was truly inspiring and on target!”

“Nikkea was recently a guest speaker on my telesummit, and she really did deliver! Nikkea is very professional and organized, and definitely walks her talk. Nikkea is also a very responsive and genuinely helpful, going beyond what she was required to do in her communications with me. The delivery of her information was truly inspiring and on target!

I also know from my own experience, Nikkea is caring and warm alongside her professionalism. I would recommend Nikkea as a speaker without hesitation.”

Kerry Douglas