Outsourced COO: Assessment, Strategy, And Implementation

Are You Caught In The
“Too Much To Do, Too Little Time” Trap?

The Truth About Having More Bandwidth, More Money, and More Time (& Sanity) in Your Business and Your Life is Simple…

But it isn’t always easy when you’re just too busy with everything on your plate and you don’t know where to start, right? And you’re overwhelmed because everything is urgent and important and it all has to get done…like yesterday!

Does your day often seem to get away from you because you’re so busy “putting out fires” all day and dealing with everyone else’s “stuff” so you can’t get to the work and projects YOU need to be doing? (Except early mornings, evenings and weekends, of course!)

Is there so much to get done that you wish there were two (or twelve) of YOU, but it doesn’t make sense to hire someone else full time?

If so, then an Outsourced COO (Chief Operations Officer) could be exactly what you need!

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Private Mentoring for Transformational Leaders, Change Agents, & Entrepreneurs

Nikkea B. Devida has developed a number of one-on-one trainings to support transformational leaders, change agents and entrepreneurs who want to finally express all of who you are with all your gifts, talents and expertise into a business that feels like a full, authentic expression of your purpose so you can make the money and the difference you know you were meant to make.

Accelerated Results VIP Private Consulting with Nikkea B. Devida

Just think, what could you accomplish if you personally mentored with Nikkea?

It’s your chance to personally work with not just a “marketing expert” or “coach” but a true business mentor — one whose client list includes T. Harv Eker, Chris Howard, Lisa Sasevich, Infusionsoft, Alison Armstrong…and many others.

From virtual online programs to live, personal mentoring, Nikkea offers many levels of coaching, consulting and training for transformational leaders, change agents, and entrepreneurs – both new and advanced.

For those who desire individual attention – or confidentiality in your working arrangement — Nikkea does VIP private consulting days for qualified applicants.  VIP days are conducted in Ventura, CA or via Skype.  VIP days are in ½ day increments and are a 4 or 5 figure investment.  Several pre-requisites apply.  On occasion, Nikkea may be available to travel for your consultation. Additional fees apply for travel.

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6 Figure Clarity Formula Private ½ Day VIP Experience

When you are a transformational leader – someone who is called to share your multiple areas of expertise with your tribe – traditional business models just won’t work for you. They don’t feel right, because they don’t encompass all the crucial aspects of who you are, and they don’t produce results because you never feel fully engaged.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The fact is, so many transformational leaders, change agents, and entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU, are driven by a purpose, or a mission, to create positive change.

The problem: You don’t know how to unify ALL of your gifts into ONE cohesive expression of your purpose, so you can move from PURPOSE to PROFITS.

Luckily, there is a solution – and I’ve spent the better part of 3 years studying, refining, and systemizing it for myself and my clients.

Using my system, people have achieved accelerated results beyond anything they ever imagined. They’ve achieved results as messengers, delivering their expertise to the people who truly need it and crave it, and they’ve achieved results as entrepreneurs, finally creating a cohesive business that creates healthy profits.

Now, I want to share it with you during a private half-day session.

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6-Figure Clarity Secrets

Discover precisely where you are on the path to true business success, and what you need to do, when, to get to your ideal destination.

You’ll learn the CORE elements, in precise order, that you MUST nail down in order to build a business that allows you to effectively share ALL your gifts and your unique solution… while solidifying your financial foundation, so you can reach new heights and accomplishments.

Without them, you may end up walking that rocky path of uncertainty, throughout the life of your business.

With them, though, you have the potential to create an entire movement of positive change, with an extremely profitable business you LOVE.

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Accelerated Personal Assistant Program

Are you looking to hire a personal assistant but are overwhelmed with fear, training, or simply don’t know how to get started?

Let me show you how you can successfully leverage your time and your business by hiring, training, & managing a personal or administrative assistant to free up 8-40 hours per WEEK of your time so you can double your sales, double your time off, and finally make the money and the difference you know you were meant to make!

I’ve systemized the entire process of HIRING, TRAINING, & MANAGING your personal assistant and have put together everything into the complete, step-by-step, training in the Accelerated Personal Assistant Program.

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Be The Hottest Ticket In Town Virtual Program

All the marketing in the world won’t help your business’s bottom line if you don’t have the right mindset around how you view yourself, what you have to offer, and how you can serve others!

Your thoughts and your mindset are the key to getting more clients and making more money.

Belief change work is a definite game changer. This is the secret we have been teaching our private VIP client’s for the past 20+ years and now YOU can join in on the fun and squash your limiting beliefs too! Plus wait until you see the results we can achieve in 7 short weeks in your business and life!

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Many Passions, One Profitable Business Private 2 Day VIP Experience

A transformational leader, change agent and multi-faceted messenger is someone who has many diverse areas of expertise, experience, education, talents and gifts. Many gifted multi-faceted messengers have been called unfocused, all over the place and told that you just needed to pick one area and go with it. And in your heart, you know you can’t because all those gifts are part of you. This is the only course available specifically designed for multi-faceted messengers!

Are you ready to finally express all of you who are into a profitable business that feels like a full, authentic expression of all your gifts and your purpose?

If you’ve been struggling to unify all of your gifts into one business, and if you’re ready to put all the pieces together and for your entire life to finally make sense, this program is for you.

You will:

  • Massively increase the speed and decrease the effort it takes for you to achieve your goals
  • Move from “getting ready”, procrastination, and overwhelm into massive action and implementation of the high-priority steps you need to take to yield the fastest, easiest, most impactful results
  • Feel the confidence, courage, and clarity to get more leads, more clients, and more sales

The Many Passions, One Profitable Business Private 2 Day VIP Experience will walk you through the exact steps to do just that, and how to map those gifts to money with programs and services you love…that will make your heart, soul and bank account sing!

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LIVE EVENT: Many Passions, One Profitable Business 3-Day Event in Marina del Rey, CA.

Join me for the LIVE “Many Passions, One Profitable Business” event in Marina del Rey, CA!

If you’re serious about getting unstuck once and for all, you’ll DEFINITELY want to be there!

In just 3 days, you’re going to walk away with:

  • Clarity. FINALLY, you gain the clarity about who you’re meant to serve and how to do it.
  • Confidence. You design a specific process for offering your products and programs, how to charge for them, how to communicate about them, and what exactly to offer.
  • Relief. You’ve struggled for so long – imagine how it will feel to discover a method for living your purpose – profitably.
  • Results. As your business grows steadily, you finally get to experience the results you’ve worked so hard for.
  • A vision. Without knowing exactly where you’re going, it’s impossible to get there. Create a perfect picture of your destination and begin moving toward it.
  • An inventory. We leave no stone unturned as we take a complete inventory of YOU – and exactly what you have to offer.
  • An exact portrait of your ideal client. Discover exactly who you’re meant to serve, who you’re called to serve, and why.
  • A system. Together, we create your unique, proprietary process for taking your clients through the transformation you provide.
  • A rock-solid business strategy. Using my proven process, we turn your system into a business strategy that will help you share your brilliant gifts with the people who most need them – so they see results and you see profits.
  • A feeling that everything makes sense … FINALLY!

In short, you get to use EVERYTHING you have, and express everything you have, in service to your clients and your purpose. What could be better than that? Learn more at: