Nikkea B. Devida
“Accelerated Results Expert”
Speaker Outline

Talk Title:

“Free Yourself To Run Your Business Without Your Business Running You!”

Talk Description:

If the day to day running of your department or business isn’t “boring”, you’re doing it wrong! If more than 20% of your day is spent dealing with crisis, drama and “putting out fires”, you’re leaving precious time, bandwidth, money, morale and productivity on the table. Successful businesses are enriched and rewarded for delivering exceptional value to raving clients and co-workers – with the least amount of friction and drama.

The key to leading a successful department or business is to leverage yourself and operations with confidence. Doing “what works” the same way every time is your guarantee that no steps will be skipped, nothing will be lost or forgotten, and nothing will slip through the cracks… especially by you. This is how you get the freedom to delegate key aspects of your job or business (that you don’t like, don’t do well, or are your responsibility to lead) knowing that they will still run “the right way” without you…and you get all the credit for the results!

You will learn:

  • The 3 critical functions of every successful business and what percentage of your time should be spent on each.
  • The 7 key areas that must run well to be successful in business. Miss one of these, and you might find yourself in a leadership minefield!
  • The best kept secret to increase the value of your business, increase productivity, and decrease costly training time, mistakes, sabotage, and loss of “corporate memory.”
  • How to assess how you are doing in each of these areas and how to begin an easy to implement, systematic process toward improvement.

If you’re ready to increase your bandwidth and you’re bottom line… without spinning your wheels and trying so hard … then this talk is for you!