Nikkea B. Devida
“Accelerated Results Expert”
Speaker Outline

Talk Title:

Get Out of Overwhelm Now! 3 Simple Steps To Get Clear, Get Unstuck, & Get Paid!

Talk Description:

You’ve done everything you can think of. You’ve worked on your mindset, focused on your inner game and done all the right “law of attraction” practices, yet when you look at your “outer” world (i.e. your business and life) it doesn’t resemble anything that you’ve imagined.

If this is you, it’s not your fault. Chances are what’s going on is you ARE getting results, it’s just not the results you wanted. And the reason you aren’t getting the results you wanted is because you aren’t following a proven system designed to do exactly that. (Think of all those stories about genies who give you the wish you asked for and not the wish you wanted — that’s the real issue.)

If you’re determined to get the RIGHT results (for you), and you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and trying so hard, then join Nikkea B. Devida in this engaging and information packed talk where you will discover:

  • The ONE thing you must do to get unstuck and become unstoppable!
  • How to turn your overwhelm and procrastination into massive implementation & inspired action
  • The biggest mistake people make when setting goals and intentions
  • How to get out of your own way to become a manifesting machine!
  • The 5 simple steps you must have in place to manifest what you really want…miss one of these, and you could land in a “manifesting minefield”!

If you know you’re meant for more and you’re ready to step up and play a bigger game… without spinning your wheels and trying so hard … then don’t miss this talk!